Languages are links between people in all over the world, helping us to communicate and thus enrich our lives. That's why, by offering our translation and interpretation services to you, we hope they will bring one more particle of good into your life by giving a possibility to understand and be understood.

We are happy to find new partners, various companies all around the world, for a long-term cooperation. But, if you are a private person in need of one-time translation or interpretation service, don't hesitate to contact us!

We offer our expertise in the following fields: Education, Economics, Finance, Law, Medecine, Politics (various certificates, documents, reports and articles); Electronics/IT (various technical manuals); Entertainment (TV-programs, in the field of extreme sports in particular) within several language pairs: English-Finnish, English-Russian, English-French, French-Russian, as well as Finnish>Russian.

Quality services, customer communication and results! Every request is regarded in individual manner in terms of rates and deadlines.

Our partners: Global Service Finland Oy, Finland; Holiday Cars Group B.V., Netherlands; Century Business Services Ltd., U.K.; Dialectus, Trad.Técnicas Legendagem e Locução, Lda., Portugal. References upon your request.